Sonic Face Drawing Guide: Easy Steps for Beginners

Sonic Face Drawing Guide: Easy Steps for Beginners

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This step-by-step tutorial on drawing Sonic the Hedgehog is easy and fun. It guides you through creating his iconic features like the spiky blue hair and big blue eyes. With simple steps, you'll be drawing Sonic's face quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to step into Sonic the Hedgehog's shoes, run at lightning-fast speeds, leap over obstacles, and take down evil villains with your bare hands? 

Sounds like an adventure, right? But why not bring Sonic to life on paper by drawing him? 

Fear not, as we'll be your trusty guide and will help you every step of the way. All you need is a pencil, some paper, and your creativity to join us on this exhilarating journey. 

Who knows, you might even surprise yourself and become the next legendary Sonic artist! So, let's begin this fun and interactive art session together and unleash your inner Sonic hero! 

Step 1- Draw a circle 

Step 1- Draw a circle
Step 1 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Alright, it's time to kick off our Sonic face-drawing adventure! 

Are you ready to create your very own Sonic masterpiece? Great, let's get started! The very first step is to draw a circle, which will be the foundation of Sonic's head. 

This is where it all begins, and you're off to a fantastic start! Now, it's time to jump on to the next step, but don't worry, we'll take it one step at a time, and before you know it, you'll have a Sonic drawing that you'll be proud of. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. Even if it takes a couple of tries to get it right, the journey is way more fun than you can imagine. 

So, let's put our pencil to paper and start bringing Sonic to life!

Step 2 - Draw the Ears 

Step 2 - Draw the Ears
Step 2 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Great job on drawing Sonic's head circle! 

Now it's time to add his iconic ears. Sonic's ears are one of his most distinctive features, giving him a unique and recognizable silhouette. 

To draw Sonic's ears, draw two small triangles on either side of his head, just above the middle of the circle. Make sure that the base of each triangle is attached to the head and that the tips point upward. 

Once you've got the basic shape of the ears down, it's time to add some detail. Draw a slightly curved line on the inside of each ear to give them some dimension and make them look more realistic. 

And just like that, Sonic is starting to take shape on your paper! 

Keep up the great work, and we'll move on to the next step soon! 

Step 3 - Draw the Eyes

Step 3 - Draw the Eyes
Step 3 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Great job on Sonic's head and ears! 

Now, it's time to bring Sonic to life by adding his eyes and eyebrows. Sonic's eyes are one of his most iconic features, so getting them just right is essential. To draw Sonic's eyes, draw two big circles on the upper part of his face. 

These circles should be large and round, as Sonic's eyes are a defining part of his appearance. Next, draw an arc above each eye for Sonic's eyebrows. These arcs should be slightly curved and sit above each eye's top. 

The eyebrows help give Sonic his characteristic look of determination and confidence. Ensure the eyebrows don't touch the eyes but sit just above them. 

Keep going, and soon, you'll have a fantastic drawing of Sonic that captures his personality and energy! 

Step 4 - Draw the Mouth of Sonic. 

Step 4 - Draw the Mouth of Sonic.
Step 4 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Great work so far! 

Now, it's time to give Sonic his signature smile. To do this, draw a curved line just below the center of his eyes. This line should be curved at each end to form a gentle smile. 

Make sure the curve is smooth and not too steep, as Sonic's smile is typically subtle and friendly. Next, draw another wavy line below the first line to complete Sonic's mouth. This line should be slightly curved downward and connect the ends of the first line to form Sonic's mouth. 

Ensure the lines are wavy and not too straight, as this will give Sonic's mouth some character and expressiveness. With Sonic's mouth complete, you're one step closer to a fantastic Sonic drawing!

Step 5 - Draw the Nose and Add some Facial Details 

Step 5 - Draw the Nose and Add some Facial Details
Step 5 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Start by drawing a small, bean-shaped outline at the end of his snout. Make sure to keep it small and located just below his eyes. The shape should be slightly curved, with the bottom part being narrower than the top. 

Step 6 - Sketch Out the Rough Placement of the Quills. 

Step 6- Sketch Out the Rough Placement of the Quills.
Step 6 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Awesome, let's keep going! 

Now it's time to add Sonic's iconic quills. Begin by drawing a curved line extending from the top of his head to his back. The line should curve slightly to the right, as Sonic's quills tend to lean in that direction. 

Step 7 - Now Draw the Quills Behind Sonic’s Head

Step 7 - Now Draw the Quills Behind Sonic’s Head
Step 7 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Great job! 

Let's continue adding Sonic's quills. The first quill should be positioned just behind Sonic's left ear, and the others should be spaced evenly along the curve of the line. Depending on how many quills you want to include, 3-4 quills should be on each side of Sonic's head. 

As you draw the quills, remember to vary their sizes and shapes to give them a more natural look. Try to make each quill distinct and unique, and experiment with the spacing and angle of each one to create a more dynamic composition. 

Finally, at the end of the curved line, draw a large, pointy triangle to represent Sonic's final quill. This quill is the biggest and most prominent of Sonic's quills and sits at the back of his head. 

Make sure it's positioned slightly higher than the other quills to give Sonic's hair a more exciting and dynamic shape. 

Awesome work! 

Sonic is starting to look really cool with all of his quills in place. Keep up the great work, and have fun adding more details to your drawing. 

Steps 8, 9 &10 - Now Add in a Few Details in Quills, Outline them, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines.

Step 8 - Now Add in a Few Details in Quills
Step 8 of Drawing Sonic's Face 
Step 9: Outline the Quills
Step 9 of Drawing Sonic's Face 
Step 10:  Remove the Sketch Guidelines.
Step 10 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Great Work! 

Let's continue adding more details to Sonic's quills. Start by drawing a series of small, curved lines within each of Sonic's larger triangular quills. These lines should follow the contours of the quills and can vary in size and shape. 

Drawing these curved lines will create a sense of depth and dimension within the quills, making them look more realistic and dynamic. Don't worry about making each line perfect or uniform. Vary the lines' size, shape, and spacing to create a more natural appearance.

You can also experiment with different shading techniques to give Sonic's quills even more depth and texture. For example, cross-hatching or stippling could create the illusion of shadow and texture within the quills. 

With these techniques in mind, you can add some great detail to Sonic's quills and make your drawing pop! 

Keep up the great work, and have fun adding more details to your artwork. 

Once you're done with adding those details, grab a clean eraser and remove the sketch guidelines to give your Sonic drawing a nice finish.

Steps 11 & 12- Let’s Outline the Ears and the Eylids.

Step 11: Let’s Outline the Ears
Step 11 of Drawing Sonic's Face 
Step 12: Outline the Eylids.
Step 12 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

As we are getting closer to finishing the drawing, we must refine the eye and ear lines. Take a 2B pencil and trace over the sketch to make sure it stays put after the clean-up.

Step 13  - Add Details to the Eyes 

Step 13  - Add Details to the Eyes
Step 13 of Drawing Sonic's Face 


Let's add more details to Sonic's face to make it look even better. First, draw a small, curved line on the inside corner of each eye to create the tear ducts. These essential features help make Sonic's eyes look more realistic. 

Next, add a small circle inside each eye to create the pupils. You can place these circles slightly off-center to give Sonic a more energetic and livelier look.  

Then, draw a few short, curved lines around the pupils to create the iris. This will help to give Sonic's eyes more depth and dimension.

Finally, let's add some sparkle to Sonic's eyes. Draw a small highlight within each pupil to make them look bright and lively. This will give Sonic a more animated appearance and make him look ready to take on any challenge. 

Steps 14 & 15 - Outline Sonic’s Mouth and Nose, then Remove the Sketch 

Step 14: Outline Sonic’s Mouth and Nose
Step 14 of Drawing Sonic's Face 
Step 15: Remove the Sketch
Step 15 of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Now, let’s outline the mouth sketch and the beard; you can go ahead and add little dots scrambled over to emphasize the hair growth. Give his round nose more definition, but don’t make it too bulky.

As you work, pay attention to the details and add any final touches or shading you want to include. This is where you can really bring the drawing to life and make it your own. 

Once you finish the final sketching and shading, you must erase any remaining rough or sketchy lines that may still be visible. You can use a kneaded eraser or a regular eraser to remove any unwanted lines, being careful not to smudge or damage any of the finished parts of the drawing. 

With these final steps complete, you should have a fantastic drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog! 

Your Sonic Drawing Is Complete 

Final Results
Final Result of Drawing Sonic's Face 

Drawing is such a fun and rewarding activity. And the best part is that there are so many different techniques and styles to try out or even create as you learn. Try to add some color to your Sonic face drawing to make it more vivid if you wish.

And remember, drawing is also a great way to relax and destress. 

So, if you ever feel overwhelmed, take a few minutes to sit down with your sketchbook, follow this zero-cost drawing course, and let your creativity flow.

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