Goku Hair Sketch Guide Unleash Your Inner Artist

Goku Hair Sketch Guide Unleash Your Inner Artist

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A step-by-step guide on drawing Goku’s hair with all the details to bring out the inner artist within you and have fun practicing this new skill.

Goku, also known as Son Goku, is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series created by Akira Toriyama. As a Saiyan warrior, Goku's strength extends beyond physical and mental abilities. He is known for his boundless energy, determination, and optimism, inspiring others. Despite his strength, Goku is also known for his humility and kindness, always willing to lend a helping hand and never giving up on his friends or beliefs. His unwavering determination and pure heart have earned him the respect and admiration of his allies and enemies.

Goku has become a cultural icon, inspiring countless anime and manga fans worldwide. He embodies the values of perseverance, determination, and kindness and has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Goku undergoes numerous transformations throughout the series, with his most iconic transformation being the Super Saiyan form, achieved through intense emotional turmoil. This transformation turns Goku's hair blonde and his eyes green, giving him a significant power boost.

Goku's signature feature, his hair, has made him a popular subject for fan art. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to draw Goku hair in detail, making it a popular choice for fans looking to create a unique and memorable character.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw Goku's Detailed Hair 

If you're a fanatic of the Dragon Ball franchise, you may have considered drawing your favorite characters, such as Goku. One of the most distinctive features of Goku's appearance is his hair, which can be challenging to draw due to its spiky and layered structure, but in this guide, we will go through a step-by-step process to help you draw Goku's hair in detail. 

Step 1 – Drawing the Face Base 

Step 1 – Drawing the Face Base
Step 1 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

To draw Goku’s hair, we need to make sure we place it correctly. Therefore, you need to start with a circle sketch first. Use a Sharpened pencil, but don’t force it on the paper to remove the drawing later.

Steps 2 & 3 – Draw the First Chunks of Hair

Step 3 – Draw the First Chunks of Hair
Step 2 of Drawing Goku's Hair 
Step 3– Draw the First Chunks of Hair
Step 3 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

If you look at Goku’s hair, it includes variations of the same module around the head. Drawing one chunk is the key to drawing all of Goku’s hair. 

Draw two arches, meeting at the base to form the tip of the hair. The top arch is bent upwards more than the bottom arch to give the hair volume. 

Now that you have gotten this step right, it is time to move toward the second step: draw two similar arches on the right and one on the right, just like the sketch above.

Step 4 – Add Vertical Portions 

Step 4 – Add vertical portions
Step 4 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

One thing you should notice when drawing Goku’s hair is how some of it folds upwards, too. 

After all, it's not like anime hair is confined by the rules of gravity. So draw the three meeting arches, but make sure they roll upwards this time! Make sure that the one in the middle is fairly vertical to add height to the hair while adding height to the character.

Step 5– Adding Flying Hair Chunks 

Step 5– Adding Flying Hair Chunks
Step 5 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

As you know, most of Goku’s hair looks upward like a giant leaf. So let’s create that! Start from the base of the chunks we added earlier as if you’re drawing tree leaves, and point Goku’s hair upwards. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Steps 6 & 7 - Add the Last Hair Details and Remove Sketch Guidelines

Step 6- Add Last hair details
Step 6 of Drawing Goku's Hair 
Step 7 -Remove Sketch Guidelines
Step 7  of Drawing Goku's Hair 

Now that you are done adding all the smaller sections of hair around Goku’s head, add two arched shapes pointing upwards to the hair, and you are almost done! 

Once you have finished, take your eraser and start removing the initial sketch you made on step n°1.

Step 8 – Add the Texture 

Step 8 – Add the Texture
Step 8 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

Once you overline Goku’s hair with a darker pen, add texture to Goku's hair drawing, and use a sharp pencil to define the individual strands of hair. 

Make small, wispy lines to create the appearance of strands of hair. Try to vary the length and direction of the lines to make them look more natural. 

P.S.: You can overline the guidelines section by section or all at once. 

Steps 9-10 & 11 – Outline the Hair and Add Shading 

Step 9– Outline the Hair and Add Shading
Step 9 of Drawing Goku's Hair 
Step 10 – Outline the Hair and Add Shading
Step 10  of Drawing Goku's Hair 
Step 11 – Outline the Hair and Add Shading
Step 11 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

One crucial detail you must remember while adding texture to the hair is to follow the shape of the chunk you are working on. It wouldn't be nice to draw upward-facing hair chunks and fill them with hair strands drawn sideways. 

Make sure to work on them one side at a time, starting from the right to the left.

Step 12 – Add Depth to the Last Strand of Hair 

Step 12 – Add Depth to the Last Strand of Hair
Step 12 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

Finish off the drawing by adding vertical strokes to the top chunk of the hair. Ensure you don't overfill the chunk of hair, as it will make the drawing seem untidy and bulky. 

Step 13 – Remove the Sketch and Finalize the Drawing 

Step 13 – Remove the Sketch and Finalize the Drawing
Step 13 of Drawing Goku's Hair 

Now that you are done drawing Goku’s hair, grab a pencil, marker, or a 2B pencil, preferably, and outline the drawing neatly with crip and uniform lines. You can also add some shading to create the appearance of depth and volume. 

Congratulations, You Have Successfully Drawn Goku’s Hair! 

It should look something like this:

Final Result of Drawing Goku Hair
Final Result of Drawing Goku's Hair 

Tips to Shade Goku’s Hair 

Following these steps, you can add texture and dimension to your Goku hair drawing, making it more realistic and visually appealing. You can also try Goku faces. 

1. Observe reference images 

Observing the reference final sketch can be helpful before adding shade and texture to Goku's hair. This will help you understand the structure and form of his hair. 

Note how the hair is styled and how the individual strands fall. Observe how light and shadow interact with the hair and how they affect the overall appearance. 

2. Start with basic shapes

You can start sketching the basic shapes once you understand Goku's hair well. Use light pencil strokes to create the general shape of the hair. You can then use darker pencil strokes to create the individual strands. 

Remember to keep the strokes flowing in the direction of the hair and to vary the thickness of the lines to create a more natural look. 

3. Add shading 

Shading is essential for creating the illusion of depth and dimension. To add shading to Goku's hair, identify the light source. This will help you determine where the highlights and shadows should be. 

Use light pencil strokes to add highlights to the top of the hair and darker strokes to add shadows to the bottom. 

4. Use crosshatching 

Crosshatching is a technique that involves overlapping lines to create a darker value. This technique is great for creating texture in Goku's hair. To use crosshatching, start by creating a layer of light pencil strokes. 

Then, create another layer of strokes that cross over the first layer. Continue to layer the strokes until you achieve the desired level of darkness. 

5. Use a blending tool 

A blending tool can help you create a smoother transition between light and dark areas. You can blend the pencil strokes with a blending stump or a soft brush. 

This will create a more natural look and help soften any harsh lines. 

6. Add highlights 

Highlights are essential for creating the appearance of shine and glossiness in Goku's hair. To add highlights, use an eraser to remove some graphite from the hair strands. This will create a lighter area that resembles a highlight. Be careful not to overdo it. Too many highlights can make the hair appear flat. 

Adding shade and texture to Goku's hair makes your artwork stand out. By observing reference images, starting with basic shapes, adding shading, using crosshatching, using a blending tool, and adding highlights, you can create a realistic and detailed representation of Goku's iconic hairstyle.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different shading techniques and textures to create a unique and personalized drawing. 

Final words 

In conclusion, drawing Goku's hair may seem daunting initially, but it can be done with practice and patience. The key is to take your time and follow the step-by-step process outlined in this article. 

Remember to start with the basic shape of the head and work your way toward the individual strands of hair to create a natural and dynamic look. 

With consistent practice, you'll be able to master the art of drawing Goku's hair and bring the beloved Dragon Ball character to life on paper. 

So, grab your pencils and start practicing – who knows, you may be a hidden artist all along!

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