Draw Baby Pikachu Easily: Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

Draw Baby Pikachu Easily: Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

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Here is the simplest, most fun Pikachu sketch drawing tutorial to help you draw your favorite character. Great for kids to practice their skills and for adults to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

Baby Pikachu is a well-known character in the Pokémon universe. This cute tiny electric critter is well-known for its solid electrical powers.

Pikachu debuted in the popular Pokémon franchise in 1996 and immediately rose to fame as one of the series' most popular characters. Baby Pikachu, on the other hand, was presented much later. This occurred in the Pokémon Gold and Silver video games, both of which were published in 1999.

Pichu is another name for Baby Pikachu. It is in its pre-evolutionary phase. It is smaller and less potent than Pikachu. However, it has many similarities, such as its electric type and charming appearance. Pichu has round ears, a curled tail, and yellow fur with black tips on its body.

Let’s Get to Know More about Pikachu.

One of the most exciting fun facts about Baby Pikachu is its unique ability called "Static." This ability causes any Pokémon that makes physical contact with Baby Pikachu to become paralyzed. This makes it a valuable addition to any team, even though it is weaker than its evolved form.

In addition to its static ability, Baby Pikatchu has access to various moves that make it an intimidating opponent. These include Thunder Shock, which shoots bolts of electricity at its enemies, and Charm, which reduces the attack power of its opponent.

Because of its adorable appearance and involvement in Pokémon anime and manga, Baby Pikachu has become a fan favorite.

In the anime, Baby Pikachu is often portrayed as mischievous and playful, which endears it to viewers of all ages. It is also shown to be immensely loyal to its trainer, Ash Ketchum. It is portrayed that Pichu would go to great lengths to protect him.

However, in the comics, Baby Pikachu is portrayed as more of a fighter, using its electrical abilities to take down its opponents. It is also shown to be highly intelligent, often coming up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Fun Facts about Pikachu.

Here are some fun facts you need to know about Baby Pikachu so that you can portray these characteristics in the drawing:

  • Baby Pikachu has two red, oval-shaped pouches on its cheeks that store electricity. These pouches grow larger as the Pichu evolves into Pikatchu and eventually Raichu.
  • Baby Pikachu has a prehensile tail to balance and communicate with other Pichu.
  • Baby Pikachu's cry is very high-pitched, and it can sometimes cause headaches and dizziness in humans.
  • Baby Pikachu's fur is yellow, with black-tipped ears and a tail.
  • In the Pokémon games, Pichu can evolve into Pikachu when it reaches a certain level of happiness.
  • Baby Pikatchu is a beloved character in the world of Pokémon. Its cute appearance and powerful electric abilities make it a valuable addition to any team. Its role in the anime and manga has made it a fan favorite, so we have put together a guide on drawing Baby Pikachu, also known as Pichu.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Cute Baby Pikatchu for All Skill Levels

The ability to express yourself creatively through drawing is fantastic and can be a lot of fun! Drawing a Baby Pikachu is a terrific method to polish your skills and create a beautiful and adorable work of art, whether you are a beginner or an expert artist.

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils or markers (optional)

So, without any delay, let's get into how to draw baby Pikachu step-by-step.

Steps 1  – Sketch the Basic Shape of the Head

Step 1  – Sketch the Basic Shape of the Head
Step 1 of drawing baby Pikachu

In the middle of your page, draw a circle.  It doesn't need to be perfect! 

Remember, learning is all about trial and error.

Step 2:  Divide the Head into Four Sections

Step 2:  Divide the Head into four sections
Step 2 of drawing baby Pikachu

The first step in drawing Baby Pikatchu is to sketch the basic shape of the character. 

After drawing a small circle for the head. draw vertical and horizontal guides. These guides define the position of the eyes and the rest of the facial features.

Step 3 – Sketch the Outline of the Body

Step 3 – Sketch the Outline of the Body
Step 3 of drawing baby Pikachu

Next up, outline the body. 

Now make sure to refer to the reference image for this step. A critical observation for this step is that the head of the baby Pikachu is exaggerated in size compared to its body. So make sure you capture that properly in your drawing.

Step 4– Now let’s Draw its Cute Little Ears

Step 4– Now let’s Draw its Cute Little Ears
Step 4 of drawing baby Pikachu

The ears, which are slightly pointed at the top and have a slightly rounded bottom, are what make Pikachu so adorable and unique. The leaf-lookalike ears are drawn on the sides of the head; make sure not to space them too much.

Step 5– Add the Eyes

Step 5– Add the Eyes
Step 5 of drawing baby Pikachu

Pikachu is known for its adorable, sweet eyes; they are most often misleading. They tempt you to get closer and pet him, only to get struck by his electric power!

To draw those adorable eyes, you’ll need to draw two small circles, each on the side of the face on the horizontal line, the same distance from the vertical line dividing the face into two.

Steps 6 & 7:Draw Pikachu’s Pacifier

Step 6 : Draw Pikachu’s Pacifier - first step
Step 6 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 7:Draw Pikachu’s Pacifier - second step
Step 7 of drawing baby Pikachu

Baby Pikatchu has a distinctive accessory that is a pacifier. 

Place the pacifier in place of the mouth. Draw two circles to mark their position and outline. Draw two additional circles to keep the handle that is attached to it.

Step 8: Draw the Arms and Legs

Step 8: Draw the Arms and Legs
Step 8 of drawing baby Pikachu

Now it is time to draw the limbs. 

Start by drawing the arms, which are small and stubby. Then, draw the legs, which are short and chubby, a loaf lookalike.

Step 9: Add Pikachu’s Unique Tail

Step 9: Pikachu’s Unique Tail
Step 9 of drawing baby Pikachu

 Pikachu has become popular. He's adorable, and his tail adds to the overload of cuteness! It looks like a little lightning. In order to draw the shape, start from the bottom of the back and behind his head, creating two strike zigzags to make that bolt resemble the design. 

Step 10: Let’s Give More Definitions to the Ears 

Step 10: Let’s Give More Definitions to the Ears
Step 10 of drawing baby Pikachu

Now that the tail is done, let’s give more details to the ears. 

Those pointy ears have a little black part on their extension. Draw a slightly curved line on the top of that extension. To add some definition to the little hairs on the top of his head, draw two short waves leaning to the left side.

Steps 11 & 12: Give Further Definition of the Face, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines 

We put these two steps together to make the process easier and smoother.

Step 11: Give Further Definition of the Face
Step 11 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 12 :Remove the Sketch Guidelines
Step 12 of drawing baby Pikachu

The first step would be putting more definition to Pikachu’s face using a darker color pen; on the left side, we will emphasize his chubby cheeks by drawing a slightly curved line going all the way to his chin. 

On the other side, let’s make sure to draw a bit more straighter line.

Step 13: Add Pikachu’s Dreamy Eyes.

Step 13: Add Pikachu’s Dreamy Eyes.
Step 13 of drawing baby Pikachu

This little fictional character has the sweetest dreamy eyes. They’re originally black colored with white spots. They resemble space. To draw these eyes, let’s draw two small circles in the eyes position, with even smaller ones within. Add smaller details, such as tiny circles, for the light spot.

Step 14: Draw The Electric Cheeks

Step 14: The Electric Cheeks
Step 14 of drawing baby Pikachu

Did you know that Pikachu’s red cheeks red store electricity?

Pikachu is one of the cutest Pokémon ever. There isn't anything about Pikachu that people don't find adorable, from its eyes to its tail.

However, when it comes to their appearance, many Pikachu lovers believe that Pikachu's cheeks are one of the most admirable elements of its design. While these red circles are charming, they are crucial in a Pikachu's biology.

They are essentially bags that assist Pikachu in storing and recharging electrical energy.

They even recharge the batteries while asleep. They are known to eliminate any extra power upon waking up. While it may appear charming, anyone unlucky enough to touch one is in for a very unpleasant surprise.

To draw those cute power points, you only have to draw one small circle on the right cheek and half a circle on the other, seeing that baby Pikachu is sitting sideways. You can color those little cheeks red if you wish. Bet will make him happy. 

Steps 15 & 16: Outline Pikatchu’s Pacifier Final Look, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines 

Step15: Pikatchu’s Pacifier Final Look
Step 15 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 16: Remove the Sketch Guidelines
Step 16 of drawing baby Pikachu

Now, after drawing the pacifier, it’s time to re-draw over the guidelines with a darker color pen and erase them to make it look more neat. 

Steps 17 & 18: Draw Pikachu’s Arms and Fingers, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines 

Step 17 :  Draw Pikachu’s Arms Fingers
Step 17 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 18: Remove the Sketch Guidelines
Step 18 of drawing baby Pikachu

Following the previous sketch guide that we used in the 8th step, let’s give Pikachu’s fingers more definition using a zigzag line that will represent the five fingers on each hand.

Steps 19 & 20: Defining the Tummy Part, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines 

Step 19: Defining the Tummy Part
Step 19 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 20 : Remove the Sketch Guidelines
Step 20 of drawing baby Pikachu

Re-draw a line on the top of the sketch line we worked on earlier to make it easier to see Pikachu’s back details. We will add short, inward-looking stripes resembling the ones on a zebra. Once that is done with a darker pen, you can go ahead and erase the guidelines. 

Steps 21 & 22: Outline Pikachu’s Feet, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines  

Step 21: Outline Pikachu’s Feet
Step 21 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 22: Remove the Sketch Guidelines
Step 22 of drawing baby Pikachu

Only a few steps left! Let’s draw Pikachu’s feet using a darker pen, making sure to give him three little toes on his tiny lower limbs. Just as the sketch shows, once that’s done, erase the guidelines drawn earlier. 

Steps 23 & 24: Add Pikachu’s Tail Final Details, then Remove the Sketch Guidelines

Step 23 : Add Pikachu’s Tail Final Details,
Step 23 of drawing baby Pikachu
Step 24: Remove the Sketch guidelines
Step 24 of drawing baby Pikachu

Pikachu’s tail has a little detail, with is a small part in black at the root of his tail, resembling a more minor bolt strike, if you may. Make sure to draw that detail, as well as to overline the tail in a dark-colored pen, because we will be eraser the guiding lines right after.

Step 25: The Final Step is Adding the Final Touches! 

Step 25: The Final Step is Adding the Final Touches!
Step 25 of drawing baby Pikachu

Finally, fill out the eyes and the ears in detail, and you are done!

Creating your own Baby Pikachu masterpiece can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will you have a unique piece of art to call your own, but you will also be able to showcase your creativity and skill as an artist. 

However, creating a unique one-of-a-kind artwork can be challenging, especially when trying to capture the essence of such a beloved character.

Congratulations, you have finally finished drawing your own Baby Pikatchu! 

It should look something like this :

Final Sketch Result
Final Sketch  of drawing baby Pikachu

After mastering the art of drawing Baby Pikachu, why not expand your Pokemon sketching skills? For all our avid Pokemon fans, we have an exciting tutorial that's perfect for you. Dive into our special guide, Pokemon Fans How to Draw Ash Holding a Pokeball, where we explore step-by-step techniques to bring Ash, the iconic Pokemon trainer, to life on your canvas.

Remember, drawing takes time and practice, so don't be afraid to make mistakes and keep trying until you get it right. With dedication and persistence, you will become a skilled artist. You will be able to create unique works of art as a dedication to your favorite anime character.

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